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3 Benefits Of Using An Adjustable Bed Base

Are you a restless sleeper searching for the perfect position? Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of snoring, sleep apnea, or other health issues? An adjustable bed base may be the best solution to your problems!

From reducing spinal pain to alleviating acid reflux and improving your breathing during sleep, an adjustable bed can bring relief and dramatically improve your sleep experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at 3 key benefits of using an adjustable bed base so that you can make the best decision on improving your sleep quality.

What is an Adjustable Bed Base?

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all beds – now technology lets us customize our sleeping position for optimal comfort and some pretty awesome health benefits!

How do they work? 

Adjustable bed bases lift the head and foot portions of the mattress, creating a more customized, comfortable shape intended for its sleeper.

Top 3 Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base 

With an adjustable bed, you can maximize comfort, reduce snoring and other medical problems, get relief from injuries, and more. Let’s look at the top three benefits of using an adjustable bed base. 

1. Reduces Back Pain

If you experience back pain at night, you should know you’re far from alone. Eight in ten American adults suffer from lower back pain, which can occur at any time, day or night. In addition, up to 80% of people with chronic back pain also have sleep difficulties.

Relief is out there for those suffering from persistent back pain, and adjustable beds are a great way to reduce or even eliminate discomfort. 

In an adjustable bed, the head, foot, and neck positions can be configured to relieve sore muscles and ease pressure on sensitive areas. By changing the angle of the adjustable bed base, you can customize your posture while sleeping, offering relief and support during long nights.

Adjustable beds can also be used while sitting or lounging throughout the day to maintain optimal spinal alignment and reduce strain. Even the most minor adjustments can significantly improve your overall comfort.

An adjustable bed can be angled to relieve different types of back pain.

  • Lower back pain: Elevate your feet slightly to relieve pressure on your lower back.

  • Upper back & neck pain: Elevate your head and torso to help reduce tension in your neck while keeping your spine in a neutral position.

  • Generalized back pain: Elevate both your head and feet to help distribute weight evenly.

2. Alleviates Snoring

In and of itself, snoring is mostly a nuisance for both you and your partner.

However, if you are classified as a long-term snorer, some pretty hefty complications can come along with it, including:

  • Frequent nighttime wakeups 

  • Spending more time in light sleep

  • Strain on your heart 

  • Poor overall sleep quality 

Did you know that an adjustable bed base can help with persistent snoring? The adjustable base supports your neck by keeping it in a comfortable position that may help reduce or eliminate snoring. 

Selecting an optimal sloping level for superior air circulation and proper respiratory support also helps provide relief. By elevating your head at about a 7-8% incline, your airways are naturally more open, which reduces the build-up of mucus in your nose and throat, thus helping prevent snoring. 

In addition, an adjustable bed base can also provide extra back and leg support with adjustable lumbar and leg positioning so that you can keep your head in line with your spine for improved breathing. 

With an adjustable bed base, you’ll be able to sleep more comfortably and get more restful sleep without experiencing disruptive snoring.

3. Lessens Acid Reflux and Heartburn

If you’re among the millions suffering from the painful and frustrating symptoms associated with acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD, an adjustable bed base can noticeably lessen your discomfort. 

Placing the head of the adjustable bed base at a slight incline helps prevent your stomach contents from backing up into your esophagus, which in some cases, is the root cause of the burning and pain associated with these common health issues. This could be a game changer in helping you to lessen your symptoms and improve your sleep quality.

You should consult your doctor to see if an adjustable bed base is suitable for you as part of an overall treatment plan for reducing symptoms associated with acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD. 

How to angle an adjustable bed to lessen symptoms of acid reflux: 

  • Elevate your torso to about a 45-degree angle. Keeping your upper body elevated prevents stomach acids from traveling back up to the throat.

What to Look For in an Adjustable Bed Base 

All adjustable bases are not created equal. Knowing what to look for when shopping for a solution is important. 

You’ll want to consider these features when shopping for an adjustable bed base:

  • Independent head and foot adjustments 

  • Multi-base adjustment syncing for split sizes

  • Massage feature with customizable levels of intensity.

  • USB charging ports 

  • LED lighting feature 

  • Wireless remote 

  • Adjustable legs 

Top Picks for Adjustable Bed Bases 

If you’re looking for adjustable bed options, don’t worry; there are plenty of great choices! As adjustable beds become increasingly popular, there is a wide selection of adjustable bed bases available. 

Adjustable beds offer more than just a better night’s sleep – they can help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and provide extra comfort when watching TV or working on your laptop. Here we offer two tried-and-true bed bases to simplify the search for the right adjustable bed base for you.

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