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Special Bundle Deal -  Bamboo Split King Mattress and Adjustable Bed Base

Take advantage of special bundle pricing on our popular Bamboo Split King Mattress and Adjustable Bed Base. Total price is $1,999! Free delivery!



Bamboo Split King Mattress 


Our Bamboo Split King Mattress is designed to allow air flow for maximum breathability and comfort. The mattress is constructed with individually wrapped innersprings and gel memory foam for optimal softness, ultimate support, pressure relief and heat dissipation. Conforms to the curves of your body and creates an equal weight distribution. Helps those with back, neck, cervical, and sciatic pain. 


Adjustable Bed Base


Position yourself for optimal sleep with our Adjustable Bed Base. Whether you are reading, enjoying your favorite program, or spending time with the ones you love, you can be comfortably supported at the touch of a button. A full range of motion helps you achieve the perfect angle for pressure relief. Simple to use and backed by an industry-leading warranty.




Split King Mattress & Adjustable Bed Base

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