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Embark 14" CoolSync™ Mattress

Discover our premium all-foam mattress featuring ultra-plush and contouring CoolSync™ foam. Multiple layers of soft foam offer incredible comfort, cooling, and pressure relief. Your journey to better sleep starts here.


  • Ultra-plush CoolSync™ foam gently contours the body and balances sleep temperature with a gel infusion


  • Ventilated design in top layer of CoolSync™ foam optimizes air flow and boosts temperature regulation


  • Supportive base foam provides a solid foundation that remains flexible for use with an adjustable bed base


  • Quilted jacquard cover keeps everything in place and offers a plush, breathable sleep surface


  • 14-inch profiles include a plush base foam layer to increase comfort and help evenly distribute weight

Embark 14" CoolSync™ Mattress

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