L-Shape Gel Dough®

The perfect pillow for side sleepers, the L-Shape Gel Dough® pillow has an ergonomic design that cradles the head while supporting the neck and back. This pillow is most commonly used for side sleepers and also used as a pregnancy pillow to relieve sleep discomfort or as a nursing pillow to ease back and neck pain. Dough® memory foam infused with gel beads creates a cooler, softer memory foam.


  • Ergonomic design


  • Perfect for side sleepers


  • Provides neck and back support


  • Gel Dough® formula creates a softer, cooler memory foam


  • Ergonomic L-shape design supports neck and back


  • Replaces the need for multiple pillows


  • Excellent supportive pillow for side sleepers


L-Shape Gel Dough®

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